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Important Steps the Humanity Should Take to Preserve Wildlife

As our population grows we expand into new areas. Places that were once wilderness turn into suburbs. There’s a problem though. The woods, fields, and plains already have inhabitants. When we move in we are encroaching on their territory. We find animals we never expected in our yards and in our houses. How do we solve this problem? I believe there are a few steps we can take to deal with this problem.

I believe the first step we should take is education.

 You should learn about animals you might encounter where you live. All handling of wild animals should be done by professionals, but knowing about the animal will help you to know how to deal with the animal until they get there. For example, if you see a garter snake in your yard, and you know it poses no danger to you, you can just let him alone and go about your day. On the other hand, if you encounter a rattlesnake, you would need to steer clear of it. The best thing to do would be to call a professional to remove it. Hopefully, they can take it somewhere away from people.

In addition to education, we need to consider or attitude toward these animals.

 Some people want to catch wild animals for pets, others want to kill them. Neither of these things are fair to the animal or good for the environment. Some animals we consider pests. They come into our home and eat our food. Rats are a good example. Many people see killing then the only option. The better option is humane rat removal. You can get traps that allow you to catch the rats and then release them, hopefully far enough from your home that they don’t come back.

No matter what the animal is, it shouldn’t have to die just because it inconvenienced you. There are humane options for removing any sort of animal you might run into. Some things, like rats, you can trap and remove yourself. Other things, like snakes, raccoons, or possums are best removed by a professional. Even though these animals may look cute and cuddly, they will bite in self-defense. It may require more effort to humanely remove animals than to kill them, but they were here first. They are also a necessary part of our ecosystem. So the next time you see a “nuisance” animal, please take the time to humanely remove it. You will be doing something good for the animal and the environment.

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